Glide App Tables access

Hi Gliders

I am wanting to build a dashboard based on the data stored in the glide app table. Is there a best way to access this data say in Google Dat Studio?



No you can’t access glide tables outside of glide. You would have to manually migrate that data to a google sheet using one of the following options.

  • Through the data export option
  • Build an app that contains the glide table and a google sheet and create an action that will copy data from one to the other manually tapping on each item in a list

Neither option will give you real time data unless you rebuild your app using Google sheets. If your app was connected to a google sheet from the beginning, then you could build actions that would write and update data in the glide table as well as a google sheet, but that would be complicated.

There is a 3rd option.
You can export entire tables (or subsets of tables) with a single action using a combination of templates, joined lists and a webhook. But it can’t be automated. It would still need to be initiated by a user action.


Ah, yes! I was going to mention that too, or something with webhooks, but forgot.

Thanks gents