Replicating Glide Table fields in a Google Sheet

I have an App that uses Glide tables. I currently export data from one of the tables to a Google Sheet once a day, however, this relies on me manually initiating the export. It looks like I need the Enterprise version to automate this using the API.

Is it possible to add a Google Sheet as a table in my database, use a template column in my Glide table, to concatenate the fields I want to export, and a Joined List in my Google Sheet? I have given it a go but do not seem to be able to add the Google Sheet.


If you do need to export things everyday, I would recommend moving the tables you need to export to a Sheet that is connected to the app (yes, you can add a Sheet even if you started with Glide Tables only), and rebuild everything for those tables (computed columns, components etc).

Thanks for your suggestion. I started building my solution in Google Sheets and switched to Glide Tables as the performance is better - it is a loan management system. Am I right in saying you cannot export/fetch data from a glide table unless you trigger an event manually or go for the enterprise option?


If that means you need to use Glide API, the answer is yes. You must have a Pro or Enterprise plan to carry out it.


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