Export Glide Table Data

We’re looking at where we could use Glide Tables in our Apps (speed and loading benefits).

However, I have not found in the community forum posts or on glide documentation a way to export data from a Glide Table.

Without the ability to export / it’s a big risk (should changes need to be made later).

Does anyone know of:
A) How to do this with Glide?
B) If it’s not possible, if and when it’s in the timeline for rollout?
C) If not, if there is a workaround?


Whilst there is no easy way to export data from a single Glide table, you do have this option :arrow_down:

I’ve not tried it, so I’m not sure what you actually get with an export.

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Awesome. Thanks, Testing.

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Can we import data into Glide Tables yet?


I tried the data export from the app yesterday - and have not received an email with the download link as yet.

I just tried again.

Check in your Promotions/Spam inbox as well. I think my first export was marked as Promotion.

Yeah - I did that. Nothing from either exports I submitted.

I just tested this successfully on a Glide Tables app.

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Ok, so maybe there is an issue with google sheets only? I’m submitting a ticket to support.

I am also facing the same problem, please let me know in case you hear back from the support team. Thanks :slight_smile:

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They’ve told me they are working on it and will fix it by end of this Friday.

I would ask for at least a CTRL+A (select all rows and columns) and then being able to copy/paste them in Google sheets properly.

It would allow us to export also calculated columns.

Now, trying to do this is a nightmare.


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Hi, I’m attempting to download and access Glide Table data. I too received this “Download Data Export” email but still haven’t been able to open the doc and access files.
Where you able to actually access downloaded Glide Tables? If so what was the file format?

Hi ,Did you ever find out the answer to question A?
I want to download and access sheets from a Glide Table.

Do you get the file from Glide via email?

Yes, I received the same confirmation that you screenshot in your post above. I clicked download and a “.ods” file downloaded to my files. The message on dashboard says
*** Update ***: I didn’t realize the “.ods” would upload in Google Sheets. I was able to access the former Glide Tables as regular Sheets. Thanks!

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Yeah at first I also did not realize .ods would open normally, turns out it’s just OpenOffice’s version of Excel :wink:

With this option, Relation etc columns are not exporting. Only basic columns are exporting in Google Sheet.

Computed columns don’t hold any data, so there is nothing to export. Computed column are computed on the end user’s device as they are needed. Relations are just links to data in another table.