Export Glide Table Data

We’re looking at where we could use Glide Tables in our Apps (speed and loading benefits).

However, I have not found in the community forum posts or on glide documentation a way to export data from a Glide Table.

Without the ability to export / it’s a big risk (should changes need to be made later).

Does anyone know of:
A) How to do this with Glide?
B) If it’s not possible, if and when it’s in the timeline for rollout?
C) If not, if there is a workaround?


Whilst there is no easy way to export data from a single Glide table, you do have this option :arrow_down:

I’ve not tried it, so I’m not sure what you actually get with an export.

Awesome. Thanks, Testing.

Can we import data into Glide Tables yet?


I tried the data export from the app yesterday - and have not received an email with the download link as yet.

I just tried again.

Check in your Promotions/Spam inbox as well. I think my first export was marked as Promotion.

Yeah - I did that. Nothing from either exports I submitted.

I just tested this successfully on a Glide Tables app.

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Ok, so maybe there is an issue with google sheets only? I’m submitting a ticket to support.

I am also facing the same problem, please let me know in case you hear back from the support team. Thanks :slight_smile:

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They’ve told me they are working on it and will fix it by end of this Friday.

I would ask for at least a CTRL+A (select all rows and columns) and then being able to copy/paste them in Google sheets properly.

It would allow us to export also calculated columns.

Now, trying to do this is a nightmare.