Is it still true that you cant export Glide Tables?

I didn’t know if this has changed since the last forums I read.

Looks like we still can’t export Glide Tables, and I also read that you can’t connect Zapier to Glide Tables as well.

Would love any updates on this, thanks!!

You can do a bulk export of all the data in your app, including Glide tables, on the settings menu.

So when i export the data,it only grabs the data from my Google sheet, not my glide tables. As yours is showing the gabler cards sheet for export.

I just exported an app with multiple Glide Tables and I’m pretty sure they get all my Glide Tables in the exported file

Please be aware that computed columns won’t be exported, since they are always computed on the user’s device and not part of the data that can be exported here.

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That’s it. The Glide tables are exported, but columns that exist in Glide that are “computed” (like template columns and relations, etc) would not be included.

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OK I’ll try it again and see.

I understand computed columns won’t transfer! Thanks