Data export

Data export doesn’t function for me: I have GoogleSheet map and many Glide columns in the application. When exported, only GoogleSheet columns are exported, not the Glide ones!?

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Yeah, it doesn’t work, onla GoogleSheet columns are exported. I tried CSV export, it works, but the result is messy. This is actually not in CSV format as exported, it exports the columns selcted in several consecutive rows. Usable for archive, not for direct usage.

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I’ve only used the Export once just to try it, and that was a few years ago when it was first released. I would have not expected computed columns to export because they are computed on the end user’s device and I assume the export file is generated on the server, so it wouldn’t have any computed values to export. I was proven otherwise in the thread I shared, so I really don’t know. :man_shrugging:

I needed that for AI values. With CSV it functions somehow, it can be processed after download in xls file. But my general question is, is it possible to write from computed column as AI into one GoogleSheets column? Of course, it can be done for the row selected without any problem, but is it possible somehow to do it ifor complete column?