Export Data now available for individual tables

You can now export data individually from each of your tables. It will return a CSV file with the columns you choose.


I see it working with Google Sheets & Glide Tables, I don’t have an Excel & Airtable integration so people who have those, please chime in to see if it works for your app.

You can export computed columns, when you click “Export Data” I believe it chooses the basic columns by default.


It seems it is not working with large tables…a lot of rows

How much is “a lot of rows”, may I ask? What is the error in your case? No files exported, or it does not fully export all rows?

I tested a table with just under 5000 rows, and it worked fine.


Thanks !

6000 rows aprox
Giving randomly problems with sheets with importrange google function, appearing only the headers in the csv as export result…

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It “works”, that is, it’s available on Excel. But even though I selected computed columns, it did not export the data for them.

I like how it bypasses the email and gives you the .CSV directly.

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Weird, so IMPORTRANGE (or maybe all import functions) will be an issue.

Awesome Feature! I tested a Airtable Table and a Excel Table and it works too! Brilliant! :star_struck:

Thanks Glide! Excited to see more new features soon :wink:

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it works like charm :star_struck:

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