๐Ÿ†• Import Excel, ODS or CSV data to Glide Tables

Originally confirmed by David here.


Excellent. Thank you


Thanks Glide team! :champagne:

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Great improvement :clap: :+1: :ok_hand:

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Blocking the entire weekend for updating โ€˜them templatesโ€™.


Perfect! :ok_hand: :pinched_fingers:

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Whatโ€™s your approach in regard to computed columns?

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Havenโ€™t thought about it yet. I guess we will have to recreate them once the import is done. Will know more once I do a couple of these.

Love this. Super helpful. But it would be 10x more helpful if the import could either (1) generate a new Glide table, or (2) Refresh an existing Glide table, e.g. overwrite the previous import without corrupting any computed columns.

In short, (2) would be a manual sync for Excel files. Soooooo useful because it avoids the need to grant Glide access to my professional MS account. I encounter this message when I try to connect an Excel file:


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For recreating templates, exporting CSV and importing CSV saved a bit of time, but the real time sucker is recreating all the computed columns and then assigning the Glide Table columns to the existing screens/components/actionsโ€ฆstill took me an entire day for one of my templates.

Hopefully a convert app to glide tables is still in the works?