🆕 Import Excel, ODS or CSV data to Glide Tables

Yes, I’ve recently saved in more than one csv format and tried to import here, but all to no avail. I even managed once, with a 4 line file, but when I went to upload the same file with 200 lines, it didn’t work anymore, it was in an infinite loading loop.

That’s odd. My guess would be that there is something in your data that is tripping it up.

Are you on a plan that’s entitled to support? (Pro or above).
If yes, my suggestion is to submit a Support Ticket. Once you get the autoresponse with a Ticket number, reply to that email and attach an example of a CSV file that fails to load.

Okay, I just did that, any news I’ll let you know here. thanks.

Wow this is great! It is great improvement for glide.

I would like to say the same, unfortunately it didn’t work for me, maybe it’s because my region works with the UTF-8 standard for csv, but I don’t know if that’s it, anyway, waiting for the support team to resolve it.