Glide Tables - add rows

I’m importing data into Glide Tables and have some ~2000 rows.
Pasting in the data only adds in as many rows as are available on the glide table.
Adding new rows can only be done manually one by one, so currently it seems like I’ll have to click the “Add Row” for the next couple of hours.
Any workaround this?

Hi Elad :wave: Have a look at Krivo’s post:

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You could use the Glide API to add your data, assuming that you have an appropriate plan.


I would strongly recommend, keeping google sheets as your main source of data, you will have access to countless solutions, like g sheets formulas… scripts, APIs, triggers… and much more…

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yeah, seems like there’s no avoiding this


It’s funny I had forgotten about the import feature, I never use it. But yes, we might as well keep life simple and use the built-in import feature :sweat_smile:

@Elad_Levy, you might want to take a look at Jeff’s recommendation just above :point_up_2:

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You can upload a file to create a new Glide Table with the data:

You cannot bulk-import to an existing table yet.


@david Loved the “yet”!

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