Bulk Add Row Glide Tables?

Is there a way to bulk add row in the Glide built in Tables? I need to add hundreds of rows. the import feature only works if I have existing glide tables from other project I thought it will import existing Google sheet into the glide tables but its not.

You can import by simply using copy paste. A word of caution do not paste too much data at once. Also there’s no undo.


Yes, that is possible.

What I mean is when adding row we still need to click the add row each time. I was hoping there is a example like google sheet where I select the row and then add the same value of rows below or above.

for now my quick fix is to just download a rapid clicker/ auto clicker to add row, since I need hundreds/thousands of row. Hope they will add bulk row update soon :slight_smile:

also, mentioned in the video that you can only delete individual row which is I think been fix. But during my testing I just select multiple rows and press delete it just delete it which work well.

EDIT: I can just press ENTER at the end of the row and it will add rows automatically (much faster)