Any way to upload data to a Glide Table?

Hi everyone! Thanks for all this help with all my questions.

Is there a way to upload data to a glide table? I’m trying to paste rows, and I can only seem to paste into an individual cell. I saw a thread from early 2020 that this might be an upcoming feature, so I’m not sure. Thanks!

At the moment, there isn’t a good option to bulk import data, unless you want to get into since python coding.


I think this is the best workaround that I’ve seen so far…

PS. I had a look at that Python option. Whilst I haven’t tested it, as far as I can see it will only do a single row at a time. So unless I’m missing something, it’s basically just copy/paste row by row.


Wonder if anyone has used robots (RPA) to copy data from google sheets to glide sheets? And whether there is a free RPA tool that can do so?

Hello, Krivo!
Yes, I used the free Microsoft Power Automate Desktop to press a pre-prepared button in the Glide application. The button triggered an action that copied from the single value column according to the row number, which I increased in the same action after adding the row. The robot waited for the number to change on the screen and pressed the button again. It seems about 2 seconds per row. I copied 322 rows in total. But sometimes the rows that were numbered for example 78 and 80 appeared in the copied table after the number 322. i have had success using a RPA tool as described in this post

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