Import Data From Excel & Sheets into Glide Table

This should also include a “convert to glide sheets” option. Copying or importing into a glide sheet is nice, but I’d rather not have to rebuild all of the relations and lookups, which are pretty complex in my app


I can’t find any decent info on glide tables. Has the tables project been abandoned?
There has to be a way to either copy and paste data onto the table or ideally link the table to a google sheet so that it updates automatically. Unlimited data would open up a whole new world of possibilities for Glide Apps. Please give us more feedback for glide tables.

Far from it, as I understand.

Unfortunately, not yet. But there have been hints of it being in the pipeline.

There is a whole thread on Glide Tables - I assume you’ve seen that?

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Failing to have an import function.

I used a fairly simple method to import 3 tables of around 400 rows each, it’s not ideal, but it’s better than editing everything.

For simplicity

  • You have a Sheet Source table and a Glide Destination table.
  1. Add a column to your Sheet Source “Copy ok” of type boolean.

  2. Create a List style tab with the Sheet Source as the source.
    And as filter “Copy ok is not 1”

  3. Then use a custom action

  • ADD row, with as Sheet “Glide Destination” then match the fields.
  • Set Columns “This Item” row : “Copy Ok” column with the value 1.

So when you click on an item in the list you copy.

The “Copy Ok” column is just to avoid duplicates.

Okay, you probably need a spare mouse with a large number of copies !!

But, I agree with you, this is an important function to transfer from Google Sheet to Glide Sheet.

(sorry for my english)


Haven’t yet. Thanks, I’ll check it out.:ok_hand::+1:

Wow, sounds complex, but if it works would still be worth learning your method. Are you able to show a video of how you do that? Would be much appreciated.:pray:

Voilà une petite vidéo pour l’exemple.



WOW!!! That’s Awesome. You’ve showed me many new tricks now. I will definitely use this. Thanks so much​:+1::ok_hand::call_me_hand:

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Great tip @Manu.n !

It is another use case where a Set Column action can be more useful if this is able to use a multiple relation instead of only simple one!

But still I don’t know why it is impossible!!


thank you @gvalero

yes that’s what I did for my application, but I wanted to keep it simple for the example.

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WOW, Thanks

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Thank you for sharing this

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Thank you, this is awesome.


Hey @Manu.n thanks for sharing the video. But unfortunately it is not accessible/ playing for me. would it be possible to re-share the video? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Here’s the URL.

Improvements made 12/9/2021:


Hey everyone,

There are two topics addressing this issue - this one and the one below :point_down::

The other one seems to be a bit more active and has more upvotes. Maybe we should combine forces and add the 24 votes here to the 29 there to move it to the top of the Feature Request list?

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This is now shipped! You can import Excel, ODS, and CSV.


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