Use Glide to upload a CSV of more items within your Glide App!

:see_no_evil: Sneak Peek: Full video coming soon!


Hello, have you published the tutorial on this one? Thanks!

This is now a built in feature.

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Hi Jeff, thanks for this!

I am working on a project where the use case will be uploading of csv file to Glide Pages and it goes directly to the target google sheet, similar to what Robert showed in the demo.

Appreciate any tips on this.

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@Jeff_Hager … not quite. My GIF shows how users can upload new data via glide on the front end.

Your post is how to create a brand new table in the back end via CSV upload.

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I haven’t! I’ll need to see if I can find it :grimacing:…otherwise, I’ll need to rerecord.

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Now figuring out the integromat now make part. Webhooks - Parse CSV - Google Sheets… but not working :slight_smile:

Try this:

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Any idea how we could add all the rows from csv in one operation? Possibly storing the csv rows in a data store first and then :man_shrugging:… (maybe not possible with glide API but what about GSheet modules)

That’s the one thing I liked about zapier… all the rows from a csv were updated to GSheet in one shot/ zap. For everything else Integromat/ Make is the winner.

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Thank you for this Rober! the HTTP get a file helped me but I still used the Google Sheet module and it worked! :slight_smile:

For the record, I wasn’t the one who marked my post as the solution, so I unmarked it.

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Thanks for the clarification! Appreciate all you do!


It’s possible using a Google Sheet API step.

The blurred part is your Sheet’s ID.

You should also change the range (Inventory!A1:F!)

The rest is about the values construction. For me, it’s done inside Glide.

It would look somewhat like this.

[“Column A”, “Column B”, “Column C”],
[“Column A”, “Column B”, “Column C”]

Each line is a new row.

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