Upload data in Glide app in the form of a CSV file or Excel by the user

Hello all. I would like to know if there is any solution to this- I want the user to upload their data on the app (it can be a CSV file or Excel, or even GSheet) and the data gets stored and updated as they want on the app.

You would have to let them upload the file, then use a webhook/Zap action to pass it to Integromat/Zapier and process the CSV file there. Write all the rows to your Google Sheets.


Thanks for replying! :slight_smile: So basically you are saying to take the data, edit and update it in the GSheets and then it will be updated in the app? And make a Zap to trigger an update in the GSheet?

I mean you let the users upload their CSV in the app, then push the URL to Integromat/Zapier and process the CSV there. You don’t have to do any manual editing/updating, just to be clear.

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