Upload excel file to the app and show the data to glide app

I want users to upload a google sheet file having their performance data of the employee or company, and i want to display the performance data through analytics or charts. How can i do that?

Hey there! I’m planning on making a tutorial for this shortly…you’ll need an integromat or zapier account to make it happen though.

If possible could you make this tutorial early, we are upgrading our app and we want our clients to use this feature, it would be great if you make a video as early as possible.


Clarify one thing i now know sending of data using integromat. suppose now i am using integromat to send data to google analytics, then how can i receive the data and show the analytics in glide app.

You’d probably need to use the Google Analytics spreadsheet addon

As for an early video, I don’t have my recording equipment until Monday at the earliest (I’m at home quarantining). If you want to hire me for priority support, you can purchase an hour of time here: Calendly - Robert Petitto

yoou have update for this matter?

So ultimately what exactly is your flow? Do you mean uploading a Google Sheet file through your Glide app, and the data will be imported to show some charts?

Upload excel file > paste to the current google sheet based on the column name

But, i think i found something similar topic written by you @ThinhDinh , but no idea yet

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Yes, that should be the way to do it. As long as you keep the file input format consistent.

The script now not run on the Google Sheets part.
Do you have any idea why?

For those who are wondering,

These are the flow if you have xlsx format.

Why do you need to clear values from the range though? Is it specific to your use case?

The rest looks ok to me.

Was this solved? I think you were using “Update a row” instead of “Add a row”, and since you did not have any row identifiers, it failed.

Any tips to covert all the tabs of an xlsx? I’ve only been able to convert the first tab of an xlsx document with this method… what might I be missing?

If you know in advance what your tab names are, maybe you can upload it as a Google Sheet, then iterate through the tabs to process. I’m not entirely sure it would work, but I think it’s worth trying.

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I’m not sure but update a row not works for me. Then i try this kind of workflow. Now can.

I mean that is the wrong module to use. You have to know which row to update, and from your earlier screenshot, you seemed to not have the info for that.