GLIDE WEB, Import Excels into google sheet, it´s possible?

Hi, I’ve been searching for a way where people/clients of my app can import excels because they need to add a lot of info from their computers and is not comfortable one by one…

I tried zapmax, but it didn’t work, tried integromat, but couldn’t find a way to upload the info…
So in integromat I tried, download the Excel, transformed it to a csv, but it’s all in 1 “line”, and if I try to upload it in a Google sheet it doesn’t add the info the way I require it, and also I require adding it in an already created sheet, not in a new one.

Give access to my Google sheet is not an alternative

Anyone has some idea or a way where we can make this possible? This could be a great feature to delivery business, courier, events, other activities where you need to add a lot of stuff.

Thank you!!

With a Google Sheet as a base, you can use a flow in Integromat like this.

  • Let users upload the file in Glide.
  • Use a webhook to pass that file’s URL to Integromat.
  • Download that file via the HTTP module and convert it to a CSV.
  • Add row by row to your destination Sheet.

It would look something like this.


Good timing! I was just trying to figure this out! Thanks ThinhDinh for posting this scenario!

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Hi!! Thank you for share that, I will try it!

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Please note that the scenario above was using a CSV file as input. If you can force your users to upload CSV then ok, else add a step to convert it to a CSV using something like CloudConvert.

Hello, I have two applications in which a script does the following work.
App 1: I care about everything that has a shared excel file in a specific folder on google drive.
App 2: I receive an excel file every day as an attachment in a gmail email.
That information that arrives I am adding it to a spreadsheet of google sheets which is where I gather the information.
in my case I could not use integromat or similar, since I have many records per day.
Note: I sent the scripts to a programmer, since he did not have enough knowledge to do it.


I can do that (force them to use csv), the problem now is, webhooks are not working on beta of web page :frowning:

How do you filter them? I’m a little confused about how you can filter csv data

as you can see, with an advance (which I IDK how to use it) I tried to give some kind of structure, but somehow I can get that structure even though I have everything separated by commas

If you have a CSV already, you just need the HTTP download, then parse CSV and add row (Google Sheet).

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HTTP module it downloads it as a .xlsx, that’s why I create a CSV from there, but after intregromat create that CSV, I get all the info in just 1 line of text, from there I need to give it a structure, which you said to create row by row, so I don’t know how do you filter them, and that’s where I’m stuck :frowning:

the goal it’s to put each line from the client’s excel to my Google sheet with the same structure

19 columns
1-500 rows (that´s the info to extract)

So you don’t have a CSV from the client, right? Add a ConvertCloud module to convert the .xlsx file to CSV first, then process like I said above.