Integromat to a Google Sheet housing a Glide App

Strategy question again.
As Integromat cannot send back to Glide, Glide suggests to a Google Sheet.

Currently, we can only use Glide as a Trigger. This means that we can’t send information back to Glide. However, Integromat can be used to send data back to Google Sheets.

I"d be happy to hear from you about the ways in which you solve this. Do you write back to the same Google Sheet that houses the Glide App (which has triggered the Integromat Automation in the first place)?
I thought about using an “intermediate” Google Sheet but that seems rather pointless as I’d need to write back to the app anyway and prefer to avoid doing this with Scripts.


For most cases you simply write to the Google Sheet used by your app. The caveat is that writing to GSheet using a third party won’t trigger an automatic update from Glide so you’re going to be on a 3-4 min wait for the data to refresh.

You can try and be creative and force Glide to refresh the changes made to your GSheet. What you would need is some type of increment or current date time from glide on a button/ action with inline list.

You’ll have to consider that Integromat will take some amount of time to complete your tasks and your refresh action would have to be triggered AFTER Integromat has finished.

There’s an API available for Enterprise customers I believe that allows them to interact with Glide tables. For the rest of us we have to wait and hope they add that feature.

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Why wouldn’t you write back to the sheet that glide uses? You can write to a different table, though.
We’re integromat partners at and use Integromat every single day for Glide apps