How do you use Integromat with Glide? 🔍

We are working with Integromat to develop some automations with Glide. We’d like to know more about different use cases to build some starter resources. Please let us know what kind of automations you build with Integromat & Glide and which apps you connect Glide with.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Hola @sebastiansolari

I use integromat to conect Glide with:

  • Slack
  • Twilio
  • Gmail
  • Notion
  • Open Weather Map
  • Zoom
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Telegram
    among others

Gracias @SantiagoPerez ! Could you tell me some examples of how you use those apps with Glide & Integromat?

I use integromat with glide to generate documents using integration with Google Docs and Gmail, sending emails directly based on triggers.



Slack, Twilio and Telegram 8 used them to send notifications/messages to different users triggered by Webhook…

Open weather map to I use it to get weather information triggered by a webhook, although with the new columna I may not need it anymore.

Zoom to create meetings and notions to have a record of those meetings. Again webhook.

Facebook and Twitter to post things from Glide on different groups as notifications as well.

Gmail to send emails.

I hope this helps.


Hola @sebastiansolari

Most users use Integromat (or other solutions like Zapier or IFTTT) to send/receive data between web services or applications and have a quick respond/reply, simplify a development and reduce maintenance time or improvements.

But I think the magic of these solutions is the fact that they are no-code: you only need to configure settings and fields to link 2 or more different applications without worrying about programming, data conversion or know about bits, arrays, loops or a compiler.

In my case, I use Integromat to handle Webhooks, make API calls and interchange data in JSON format. On my demo APP associated to IIoT technology you can see the pros and cons if I had used Integromat instead my own script running in one of my Google Sheet.

Although I know about programming and can live and change my scripts without suffering, I recognize that using Integromat or IFTTT my life would be happier and my APPs could be easier to maintain or even sell. My data refresh time is even better using Integromat than using my own script but the lack of a Glide’s feature able to receive Webhook replies directly without needing a GS caused this selection (I would gain 3-5 sec in my data refresh).

Maybe with the new API Column or Experimental Code Column this missing feature can be overcome soon but it is another story!
Espero haberte ayudado, saludos!


Hi Seb, finally we have a thread for this!

Our agency recently became an official Integromat partner so we do use that heavily.

Some of our use cases including:

  • Receiving webhooks from Glide to send an email (let’s say welcome new users, notifications for new bookings, etc.)

  • Receive info from PayHere, a recurring payment solution to pass back to Google Sheets, then that syncs to Glide. If we can write/update a new row directly from Integromat to Glide it would be almost instant for the users to see the data change. Currently after a payment users need to wait somewhere between 20 seconds - 1 minute for the change to sync.

  • Generating reports using PDFMonkey after receiving info from a webhook. We usually use a join text column to do this.

  • Check for all rows in a Sheet to send multiple notifications. Let’s say many users want to be reminded about something on Monday, then currently I have a “Search Row” node to search for all rows that match the current day of the week, then an “Iterator” node to send emails/texts to them. Would be great if we can also search a Glide Table.

Thank you for the integration and many more exciting things to come!


Hi @sebastiansolari

Firstly, great news that you guys are working with Integromat. It’s an excellent platform and complements Glide extremely well IMO. We have used the two together across a broad range of scenarios. To try and summarise:

In an effort to counter the current lack of support for push notifications, we often use Integromat to notify users by email (typically using SMTP), SMS (typically using ClickSend), Telegram and even calling custom a API. The Integromat trigger will be either a webhook from Glide (for instant notification) or a scheduled scan of a Google Sheet to identify “rows” that require a notification or a new row added to a Google Sheet by Glide.

Updating Data From 3rd Party Source
In some cases we want Glide to incorporate date from external sources that is updated on a regular basis, for example a daily quote and motivational imagery. Integromat does this for us, on a schedule, updating or adding a row to a Google sheet. It grabs the data using API calls or even FTP.

Adding Multiple Entities
Quite often we encounter a scenario whereby a user action within Glide needs to add or update multiple rows. For example, adding a new stage to a “project” might involve the addition of several associated default “tasks”. This can be achieved via a webhook into Integromat where the iteration can take place.

Handling 3rd Party Webhooks
When working with a tool like Calendly it is straightforward to create / update / cancel appointments from within Glide but not currently possible to receive the output from these operations (for example to update or create a row). Integromat, however, can trigger when changes are made to a Calendly booking and use the resulting data to maintain a Google Sheet for Glide to access.

Using 3rd Party Services
An obvious example here is posting to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. But there are also scenarios such as using information from Glide to populate a Google Doc template, converting to PDF and then emailing to somebody (e.g. an invoice).

The webhook mechanism is a perfectly acceptable way to send information to Integromat, although perhaps a little clunky, and therefore a dedicated Integromat trigger would be nice.

The key functionality IMO would be to allow Integromat access to Glide Sheets such that Google Sheets were no longer required. In the Integromat module you would choose the Glide App and the Glide Sheet (as opposed to the Google Sheet and the tab).

Hope this helps and good luck.


@SantiagoPerez @Pratik_Shah @gvalero @ThinhDinh @V88 Thank you guys for all the info, much appreciated! :raised_hands:


Anxious to know what you guys are doinnng :grimacing:


Ok, se puede usar con esos elementos, me gustaría darles a conocer una automatización que estoy realizando para mi único cliente, todo con glide / integromat, realmente soy nuevo en eso, aproximadamente 6 meses conociendo herramienta no code, así que me tome el tiempo de conocer cada detalle posible de integración con Integromat.

Crear, eliminar o modificar un producto en Glide➡ Integromat (Webhooks)
:arrow_right: Airtable ( producto a base de datos)
:arrow_right: Webflow ( Publica el producto)
:arrow_right: Facebook ( Crea una publicación del producto nuevo o una promoción)
:arrow_right: Instagram ( Crea una publicación del producto nuevo)

Registro de nuevo socio en Glide​:arrow_right: Integromat (Webhooks) :arrow_right:
:arrow_right: Airtable (CRM)
:arrow_right: Asana (Asignación de Tarea de primer contacto con el socio)
:arrow_right: slack (Mensaje informativo al grupo de trabajo con los datos del nuevo socio)
:arrow_right: stripo (HTML para correo de bienvenida)
:arrow_right: Gmail (Correo de Bienvenida al nuevo socio)

Comprar un producto en Glide​:arrow_right: Integromat (Webhooks) :arrow_right: Airtable
:arrow_right: Google Docs (PDF detalles de la compra y factura)
:arrow_right: Gmail (Correo de notificación de nuevo pedido + PDF detalles de la compra ) vendedor
:arrow_right: Gmail (PDF detalles de la compra y factura) Comprador
:arrow_right:Banco​:arrow_right: Webhooks :arrow_right:Airtable (Para confirmar estado de una transacción)
:arrow_right: twilio (estoy trabajando en esto pero mi cliente lo considera innecesario y costoso)

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I would like to introduce you to an automation to use that Im doing for my only one client, all with glide / integromat, Im really new to Glide, about 6 months knowing the no code tool, so I took the time to know every possible detail of integration with Integromat.

Add, delete or update a item on Glide➡ Integromat (Webhooks)
:arrow_right: Airtable (product to database)
:arrow_right: Webflow (Publish the product)
:arrow_right: Facebook (Create a new product post or promotion)
:arrow_right: Instagram (Create a new product post)

New member registration on Glide​:arrow_right: Integromat (Webhooks) :arrow_right:
:arrow_right: Airtable (CRM)
:arrow_right: Asana (First Contact Task Assignment with partner)
:arrow_right: slack ( message to the team with the details of the new partner)
:arrow_right: stripo (HTML for welcome email)
:arrow_right: Gmail (send HTML Welcome Email to the new member)

Buy a product on Glide​:arrow_right: Integromat (Webhooks) :arrow_right: Airtable
:arrow_right: Google Docs (PDF purchase details and invoice)
:arrow_right: Gmail (New order notification email + purchase details PDF) seller
:arrow_right: Gmail (PDF purchase details and invoice) Buyer
:arrow_right:Bank​:arrow_right: Webhooks :arrow_right:Airtable (To confirm the status of a transaction)
:arrow_right: twilio (I am working on this but my client considers it unnecessary and expensive)


I use integromat to integrate my apps with many web solutions, so it would be great to have an api that allows me to create, read, update and delete records directly in the Glide Table :wink: :rocket:



@sebastiansolari Will Integromat be attending? I see Zapier on the list :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like you have made some great progress with integromat :+1: thank you….


Ive created a crosspost application to send simultaneously the same post over different social network. Post with photo or videos (last not yet implemented)
This for every new rows on Google sheet and eventually for any changes.
The integromat should start only in case of a specific filter (so a specific value of a field).

What I think would be good to have from Glide is the connection data, instead to have on integromat to pass those info from glide directly.


Still waiting for that sweet moment when we can write back to Glide :wink:


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