Integromat Integration

Hi. Could we please think about Integromat integration along a similar to vein to the existing Zapier integration. It would be fantastic to push information straight into Integromat for processing rather than relying on “new row detection”. In my experience to date Integromat is significantly more capable and professional then Zapier.


Yes, I do support having Integromat as well.


Even a webhook support out of glideapps would help to launch Integromat scenarios. Just a webhook rather than hardcoded for zapier.


This is so true @asirota. I had an opportunity today that I could have fulfilled easily with an optional webhook call from Glide at the point of submission. Specifically I needed to integrate with an existing customer system each time a new record is added to a certain sheet. I know I can use Integromat’s row monitoring BUT there will always be a delay and it means I can’t use a Glide Sheet. I think somehow we need to get Webhook support in tepee agenda.

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They’ll do it. I told integromat partner manager to set it up. You’ll pay for it no doubt!

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@asirota & @V88 has anyone added Webhooks or Integromat integration to the Feature Request list?

I “think” Webhooks are in there? It would make SUCH a massive difference to Glide’s power.

I would also be interested to use integromat. Do you plan it?

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