Is there a way to initiate the data sync from sheets to glide?

I have an Integromat action that fills my Gsheet but it takes forever for the data to synch.
Is there a way to push for the data synchronizations from the sheet to glide tables?
I on the pro plan and have the reload sheet on “while editing or using the app”

Would an action to trigger a sheet reload (I think it’s a function called flush) work here @Darren_Murphy?

No, I don’t believe flush() will help here.
I’m not aware of any way to programatically force/trigger a re-sync with Glide.

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But synchronize data to Glide Table?

As far I know it can’t be done, Give me the trick if I am wrong please.

Try to synchronize or fill out a table using Integromat isn’t a cheap process/solution. Every record read and written by Integromat is counted as one action and if your dataset has 2000 records (rows) and you create a synchronization task everyday (2-3 times per day), there will not be an Integromat’s plan able to be paid! :frowning:


Ah ok, I already knew that great tip but I was thinking in one automatic and native.

Thanks for reminding me this @Darren_Murphy

Can you please explain how this will help with syncing Gsheet to glide? I see that this just updats rows within glide table.

It wont.
I was responding to the post from @gvalero

As I mentioned in my earlier response, I’m not aware of any way to trigger or force a sync, (other than what’s already documented.)

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