Swapping from Glide Tables to Google Sheets

Ive been using a template project that uses Glide Tabels whilst i have been learning Glide. I now want to switch across to Google Sheets and have added the Google Sheet and tabs. But I can’t work out how to re-direct where my buttons sync too?

For example, i have a title which needs to be synced with a Google Sheet Column. How can i syncronise this?

Thanks alot

Synced, or sourced?
In any case, it should just be a matter of switching the source of the containing screen to point at the Google Sheet table instead of the Glide Table.

And you’d need to do the same for every single screen. You’ll also need to recreate any computed columns that have been created in the Glide Tables. A good way to identify everything that needs to be changed is to go through the columns in your Glide Tables one by one, using Find all Uses. If your plan is to dispense with the Glide Tables altogether, you’ll need to ensure that none of the columns in those tables are referenced from anywhere.

I must say that I find it odd that you’d be wanting to switch from Glide Tables to Google Sheets. Usually it’s the other way around. But I’m sure you have your reasons.

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Hi Darren and thank you for your response.
Im using Intergromat to do some heavy calculations and add/update a Google Sheet. There is a plan to have other technologies access this data and I just thought GSheets would be the easiest database to access for everyone.
Ive seen Youtube videos that demonstrate the slow synchronisation but im not sure how else I can achieve my objective.

Okay, fair enough.
Well, as I say - Find all Uses will be the best way to identify everything you need to change and ensure that nothing gets missed. Depending on how many tables/columns involved, it will be a bit tedious. But that’s the best way to do it.

In my project, i am taking a photo of an image and uploading to intergromat.
Im using a webhook to send the url.
When i submit the form, does the url have to be placed into a table/sheet or can i just bypass that, send the image URL to integromat and once all the calculations are done, send the URL and the data, back to Google Sheets which is then synced to the app?

You’re referring to the URL that Glide generates for the image, yes?
No, I don’t believe you can access that until the image has been saved to a table column.

Thank you.
Ive just been testing a few things and I think I am going to have to re-assess how all of this is going to work as its not the best user experience currently.

What are you actually doing with the uploaded images?

I just need the URL so i can convert the document to text.

The workflow needs to be App/Chatbot or other tech, uploads image to a server location. A webhook is fired off with all the variables and the image converted to text and processed.

The data goes into a database and sent back into the source (App/Chatbot)

Ive got the integromat the chatbot part figured out. Just not the app part. I can’t seem to get my head around the syncronisation aspect.

I think the best method is to duplicate all of your app tabs, source them from the google sheet tabs, and then rebuild all of the logic. Depending on the complexity of the template you are using, you may have several layers of screens, so if you were to change the source from a glide table to a google sheet, you may lose all of those sub layers. It’s doable, but like @Darren_Murphy said, it will be tedious. I think effectively you will be rebuilding the entire app, or most of it, from scratch. If you duplicate all of the tabs, then you will at least have the option to copy components from the glide table sourced screens to the google sheet sourced screens, which may save you some time.

I’ve done something similar in my apps where I will duplicate a tab, change the visibility so only I can see it (so it doesn’t affect the users), and then rebuild the new tab with the features that I want. But I’ve never done a full database replacement like that.

Overall, it will probably be an excellent learning experience to rebuild the app.


Don’t forget that there is the Glide API, which gives other technologies the ability to Add/Update/Delete from your Glide Tables. I have seen multiple comments from Glide that all paid plans should have access to the Read API, but I have not seen it go active in my Pro Plan App yet (‘old’ plan).

Waiting for this as well. They did not have an ETA when talking about that, as far as I aware.