Can you update a Glide table from an outside source?

I’m looking at building a rewards app with a database that a Chatbot can also access.

The backend is being built in Integromat. For now, the data output is going into a google sheet. I am aware that Glide can access Gsheets, which is great, but the time it takes to synchronise live data may be an issue for my client.

A glide table, however, is instant.

So Im wondering, if there is a way where a 3rd party like integromat, can send data to a glide table.

Here is a screenshot of the flow im trying to achieve.


Thank you. This has put me on the right track.
Its a shame that you have to be a pro user as I’m not there yet.

You can try that feature out with the 14-day trial of Private Pro, I believe.

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