Import or Copy/Paste CSV file/data through Glide App by users

Hello glide community,
How a user can copy/paste CSV file/data inside a form in my app ? and how my app can automatically create/generate a list with those data ?

Basically I want a user to be able to create a Group in my app then import a list of participant inside this group he created. Currently my users need to add manually each member one by one in the group with Name, First Name, Gender, Email. FYI, each group usually has 20 to 50 members so it its pretty long to do it manually…

Ideally I would love my users to be able to import data separated by comma with a copy paste AND automatically add those data to the group created.

Thank you for your help

Great use case. I believe you can let them upload a file via a file picker, then use Zapier to read the CSV and append the data to your participants sheet.

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Thank you for your answer. So particially found a solution with your help by creating a picker button and a column to host the file uploaded by a user.

I created with Zapier a Zap connecting GLIPAPPS to FORMATTER (import and transform csv file ) to SPREADSHEET (Create multiple rows) but I don’t know how to find a way for the Zap to find automatically the link to /xxxxxxxxxxx where all csv upload will be put by the Picker function.

So my Zap is working but I need to put myself the link (to the glidestorage) inside the zap…so it is not very efficient :slight_smile: because it means that every time a user import a csv file I’d need manually to find the link to the storage and add it inside the Zap so yes it is crazy

Any idea and help is welcome …and as it is a multi step zap it cannot be managed under a free account so I potentially need to pay for this multi step action . As it is for my students I won’t move to this direction because it is too expensive for in class use. Any free solution is also welcome to fix this mass import inside a glide app.


Hi @Joseph_Leblanc, I have the same use case.
Did you find a solution ?


Unfortunately I didn’t. The Zapier solution is too complicated and not seamless. So currently I asked my user to copy/past their data directly inside the google sheet or I do it on my own or I create a form to add information individually .
I hope it will be a coming soon in glide.

Sorry, good luck and feel free to share any solution you ll find

I think this article can help you:

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