Extract CSV rows from a user uploaded file

Hi there,
I’m looking to allow users to submit a templated CSV (quote form) onto the platform I’m building. The quote will be part of a form submission for a prospective job.

The idea will be that users can submit a quote to a job via CSV and the data will be extracted from that templated CSV will get added to the job details.

One other requirement will be that the user can resubmit a quote to the newly created job on the system and it will update the quote details from the templated CSV.

Can anyone help?

Happy to provide more information if needed.


This is no easy feat using native Glide functionality. Here’s a very quick explanation of a method @Darren_Murphy helped me create:


That’s a very cool workaround!

I guess I could handle this outside of glide and just build another table that collates the data there. I got some info from Chat GPT on how to target any CSV file that gets added to a specific folder and extract a specific row from the file.

I guess my next question is where would the CSV file ‘live’ when a user uploads it to the Glide App? Can I specify that location to somewhere on my Google Drive?

Is there a reason why you don’t use Robert’s method to do it solely inside Glide?

Unless you have a third party solution like Make.com to upload the file somewhere else after it has been uploaded to Glide, the file will sit in your app’s storage by default.

I’d love to use the @Robert_Petitto method but it does look quite complex. Is there someone that could help me walk through this is some detail?

Can you explain which parts do you find it hard to understand from the video? We’ll try to explain it for you.

If you want to hire one of the experts to help, here’s the list of them: Hire Glide Experts | Certified No Code App Developers