Get access to data in a file that is uploaded to the Glide internal storage

Hello everyone!
Can I get the contents of the file that the user uploaded to… with file picker
I need to find information in a CSV file, at the request of the user.

The user uploads the file and gives me a search phrase.
I figured out how to get the contents of my gs using fetch, but file picker loads Glideapp into the internal storage

So your user uploads a CSV file to the system and then you have to extract data from that CSV?

I’m thinking you can add an Integromat step to upload every CSV file that the users upload to your Drive, then you can search from there?

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Thanks! But this is long way. Data allready in glide

How many files do you have? You can add a button/an action that does the exact thing above and then upload the existing files to your Drive.

Yes, only one by one file. It not to complicated, but nteromat…

Yor mean reload from glide storage to my gdrive?

Yeah, but what does the client ask you to search? Is it just the file title, or is it the content of the file? If it’s the content then you gotta download that file/upload that file to your Drive in able to see the underlying data and search them.

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Yes, this way ok. I will try, but it better ithout uploading to external service. Your now i waiting aroud 7…10 second for uploading 887bytes file to glide. An may be same to gdrive, but its for so small files… And off course it not nice tu upload twice. But if no another way i will do so

Thanks, ThinHDinh!

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Maybe I’m missing something, but using an integromet for my task is very expensive.
I send a link to a webhook, then upload http, then a csv parser, and then it tries to upload 41277 rows one by one to the google table. Despite the fact that the user will do this every five to ten minutes or more often.
I thought it was possible to load with one line, but the integromat has a limit of 5000 characters per line.
At the same time, the user does not have the opportunity to go to google sheet and insert rows into the table linked to glide, since the application is made for mobile.
As a result, we have a powerful diamond in which you can search for data in different ways, but I can’t load this 40K rows of data from a link or from a file. Is everything really so sad?
I have a csv file with a size of 40K lines or more, I need to find a certain combination in it (in different ways). But how do I access the data?

So your users will upload 40k rows of data very often to your own database? How do you even keep the app to be usable if that’s the case?

When we found the desired combination and showed the user where it is, the data is no longer needed and the user gives us a new file or link. Each file is about a 1 megabyte.

Добрый вечер, ThinhDinh!

All you need to do is find a combination of characters in a csv file of 40K lines, 1 Mbytes from a mobile phone. This is a task just for Glide, but how?!?

How do I get access to the data, then everything is solved

All you need to do is find a combination of characters in a csv file of 40K lines, 1 Mbytes from a mobile phone. This is a task just for Glide, but how?!?
Strange? can we fetching from anywhere? but not from the internal storage of the application, but why?
After all, the data is already inside the glide storage, why does fetch from the internal storage not work? Why all these external services? when the data is already in glide and we have fetch column?

I mean why do you need so many rows, what is your exact use case here?

Glide can not fetch data from the uploaded files to their own database, that’s never an intended use case of the fetch column (from experimental column), which is designed to fetch from APIs.

I don’t need all these lines? This is the user’s source file, they have adopted this would be possible to search in one line, but here’s how to access it?

I mean what’s the use case of letting the users upload the file to the system and then allow them to “search” through that file? What are you trying to do for your app?

We need to find where the arbitrary combination(10 8 10 9) that the user gives us is located. The file format is the same as the user provides us. How do I access the information in the file? So simple, but how?