Get access to data in a file that is uploaded to the Glide internal storage

This is a very simple order from the customer to make a mobile application that can find a certain combination of characters in a CSV file (approximately 40K lines of 1 MB)
The user from a smartphone gives us either a file or a link to the file and the desired combination, after issuing the result, he gives a new file and combination
I do not know why he needs it, but he needs to implement this scenario

Then what happens when you find that combination of characters in the file? Just return “true” or “false”?

Just return date and code nuber

So sort of like a lookup? This is a weird use case for Glide if you’re not uploading rows to the database. I’m not sure how we can do that. Hope others can chime in.

A strange use case for Glide? When glide has one million software developers using no code technology, that’s when a lot of weird will really appear

Hope dies last:)


But doable, I guess. My suggestion would be:

  • Make sure the app is connected to a Google Sheet
  • User uploads file, and specifies sequence to search for
  • File URL appears in Google Sheet, along with sequence
  • Write some apps script to fetch the file, find the sequence and return the date/code
  • Write the result back into the sheet, which in turn shows up in the app
  • Optionally, delete the file by removing the URL (or shift it elsewhere)

It wouldn’t be instant, but it should work.

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May be your mean to implement search outside glide, and then return result. Maybe, maybe it’s a way. But this way glide is just adaptive user interface.
I have some another idea, send link to integromat, http, gdrive update file, but this file actually is gsheet connected to glide by native. But route between http and gdrive.?
Another idea: May be we can implement search in integromat, but it take many runs and cost will be big.

I’m can’t coding, my time is left for coding. I have no skills for coding. That’s why I’m came to use glide.
But may be, some CEO can write five rows code to implement fetch from internal glide store.

Of course I can upload to outside, but how to pre config hook from which we can fetch by native. I sink only gdrive to update file which is pre linked to glide, but one more : http to gdrive map? Integromat ask me for meeting, 18 November, May be they can help me this?