Link/export Glides Table-based app data to Google Sheets

I created an Glide Tables based app but learned that certain functionality cannot be achieved without Google Sheets. How can I add/link/export to a Google Sheet in order to avoid having to rebuilt the app and computed columns from scratch?

  • When I hit the Google Sheet button in tables view (below sources) a new tab with the data section is opening, but it does not create a Google Sheet as expected.
  • I read earlier that there was an export function but cannot locate it? That would at least prevent data loss, manual copy/paste madness. Export App Data!
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Hi @Ric_1 ,the export function is here.

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Thanks, I couldn’t locate it, this saves at least my data. Is there additionally a way to “convert” Glide Tables or one has to start from scratch rebuilding apps and computed columns?

As of now there’s no way to do so. In the future it would help if we can export/import things back and forth to save the time building computed columns as you said.

Recently I faced this same issue, had to export the data, get the exported data to a Sheet in my spreadsheet and rebuilt the whole flow again.

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