Export App Data!

Just found this… not sure if it’s new or I just missed it before, but it’s a great way to export all app data (seems to include a user-specific sheet too!).


Found it yesterday, but couldnt test it yet. Waiting the email lol

I got the email about 3 minutes after asking for the data export.

Well, just got it but went to “Promotions” gmail folder :clown_face: :neutral_face:

Awesome feature!

Nice find!

Not sure if I missed the image, but included it in here for people who want to test. Thanks for the post!



This export tab intrigues me:

Email First logged in Last logged in
kezianh@… 44182.2915 44182.2915
younginvestorsofva@… 44182.2833 44183.5028

Would love to have this data available all the time!

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erm, it is.
Or at least I think it is - in the App: Logins sheet.
The first login is the first time the user appears in that sheet, and the last login is the last time they appear in that sheet.
At least that’s what I’ve been using it for…

I guess the only thing is that the “last login” isn’t really a true representation of the last time they used the app, but rather the last time they logged in - but is that data from the export tab any different? (would be easy enough to compare and find out)

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I just requested the app data from my employee companion app. Thats 300 users over a year span. That might be interesting to see. Well…that was boring…just a excel file thats a copy of your app file…

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Something just occurred to me. If you’re interested in knowing when was the last time any given user interacted with the app, there’s a very simple way to collect this data.

  1. Add a date/time column to the User Profiles sheet, let’s call it “Last Activity At”.
  2. Pick one (or more) actionable components within your app that you can be fairly certain your users will touch every time they use the app.
  3. As part of the action sequence on that component (or components) set that ‘Last Activity At’ to the current time stamp.

I guess this is another use case for compound actions, that is trivial now, but would have been quite cumbersome to set up before they came along.