Tabs : Show Updates

Having the number of rows added would be good but at a minimum a red solid circle would be a good indicator to draw App user attention.


You have the users last login date.
And if you keep a date created on records you want to count then you can do a count on record date since last login,… the only thing then you’d need is glide providing a placeholder for that on the tabs. :slight_smile:

App: Login does provide you login date info but it is not necessary that the user logs in again to access the App - if he/she has not logged out in the previous session.

At least that what I have noticed. I may be wrong here.

@Jeff_Hager @Robert_Petitto ? Do you know if there is a date available of the last time the user ‘entered’ the app?

No…I wish this was a thing too. Having a daily “checkin” to my apps could encourage another level of gamification.


Yeah or even, “this is what you’ve missed since your last visit to the app”.

Not that I’m aware of. You would need the user to perform some sort of action, like submit a form, and then record the user’s current date time. I don’t believe there is an automatic log of each time the app is opened. The App: Logins sheet will only record if the user actually requests a pin to sign in. Once they are signed in, it doesn’t write additional records to the sheet. This would be an awesome feature for the user profile sheet though.

Too bad,… I’ll put it fwd as a request.


I would assume that every user visit to the app is authenticated (for all cases other than Public apps ) by - That is the point for date/time stamping per user overwriting the previous date/time stamp, thus no accumulation of records.

Even if the “last login time per user” feature existed - it would not solve the “Tab: show updates” feature. What is needed is when did the signed in user touch the “Tab”

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and if one adds to it a visit counter - then we have a lot of useful info.