Update column in user profile

Hi … In My app the user logs on with public with email … there are lot of tab in my sheet …is it possible to update a column in user profile tab from another tab …
How this can be ach6

What is your use case? Maybe let them edit in a “Your profile” tab instead?

Hi… the user gets a set of new photos & details ( in photo tab) each day once he checks all photo for that day then tab should be invisible if he logs in second time on the same day …so at the end of the photo tab if he clicks a button COMPLETE then a column in user profile must be set to YES so that I can use this field to hide photo tab

Here’s an idea, have a user-specific column in your user profiles sheet, that will store a “rolling count” of the signed-in user’s complete button push.

So let’s say you have run the app for 10 days, your “benchmark” value to compare is 10, you can do this in a separate sheet by using a DAYS formula, the ending date is today, the starting date is the one when you started the app.

Then, bring that over to your user profiles sheet by a single value column. If rolling count is less than benchmark then show the tab, and the complete button is set to increment 1 on that rolling count column. It goes on and on.

Will try this out and inform

I was not able to get how to do it…
Here is the details of the issue
In My app there is 2 Tab “navigation” & “User”

  1. Once the user Login with Public & Password then the Navigation tab is shown
  2. in Navigation Tab photos a photo will be displayed as shown Below
  3. User Press Next button & At end he will Get “Complete Button”
  4. Once the User Presses the “Completed Button” a Value Must get Stored in "user " Tab (say in Completd Column) which i will use to Control the Visibility.

The user should see the navigation Tab only Once a day in the App & once the user Presses “Complete” this tab should not be visible to the user whole Day.(when user logs more than once on a particular day)

Next day the user Must be Able to See the navigation Tab. (By reseting the value in “Completed Column” in User Tab)

can you please help me on this

Hi glide experts is it possible to implement my request as per the requirement…if it is not possible then I will search for alternative solution…waiting for the reply…

I an waiting for the answer from past r days and have not got any reply…if anyone has an idea how it can be done please help me…

You can set up the complete button as a form writing to the same sheet instead. Capture the date/time using that form. Then in your users sheet, set up a relation with the navigation sheet and rollup the timestamp to show latest.
Use this for your visibility with a condition like “If time is before today” or something.

Also the best way to solve your doubts if they are urgent is to consult a Glide Expert from the experts page.

Thank you very much…I will try it