Update data on to google sheet

I was not able to get how to do it…
Here is the details of the issue
In My app there is 2 Tab “navigation” & “User”

  1. Once the user Login with Public & Password then the Navigation tab is shown
  2. in Navigation Tab photos a photo will be displayed as shown Below
  3. User Press Next button & At end he will Get “Complete Button”
  4. Once the User Presses the “Completed Button” a Value Must get Stored in "user " Tab (say in Completd Column) which i will use to Control the Visibility.

The user should see the navigation Tab only Once a day in the App & once the user Presses “Complete” this tab should not be visible to the user whole Day.(when user logs more than once on a particular day)

Next day the user Must be Able to See the navigation Tab. (By reseting the value in “Completed Column” in User Tab)

can you please help me on this