Function Help - Check mark

We’ve launched an app where disc golfers can complete day-by-day training. 60 days total.

I’d like to track progress of each user and have them check off that completed day.

My problem: I created a sheet that lists the user’s email and tracks how many of the 60 days is completed. But I can’t/don’t know how to link them to that specific day on another sheet.

See image below for what I have now and what I want to happen. Any help? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I have almost 300 people using the app right now.

Just trying to understand your problem a little more… So right now, a user can click on a specific day and flip the switch on the details screen for that selected day, correct? And then, is your “Mark Days Completed” screen just so you can do a bulk update of days without having to go into each day separately? If so, you could consider changing the action on your ‘Mark…’ button to ‘Show New Screen → This Item’, which will give you a fresh detail screen, and then place an inline list, with a checklist style layout, that’s sourced from the Days table. If that’s not the case, then I might need some more information showing how your app and screens are set up and what kinds of problems you are running into.

Correct. :slight_smile: If I do that, wouldn’t it show all days still? The image I posted is how it want it to show up. Just the check mark for that single day vs. all.

So when you click on the button it would only show the current day?

On your very first image, you already have an inline list of days. Wouldn’t it work to click on the day in the inline list, view it’s details, and then flip the switch? Seems to me like you already have it set up to work like that, but maybe I’m misunderstanding something. I have a few thoughts on what you might mean, what you might want, and possibly some issues you are running into, but I think I need to see some screenshots of your tables and how everything is supposed to link together.

When you click on day 1, you’d go to day 1. Then you’d have a completed day 1 checkmark.

See screenshot for the sheet for the 60-day tracking.

Ok, I think I understand the problem. Sorry for all of the questions, but I have one more. Do those checkmarks need to be seen by other people or does the user only need to see there own checkmarks? The reason I ask is because one solution is to keep the boolean column in the Days table, but make it user specific. That way, each user could flip the switch on the detail screen for the day, but it wouldn’t affect any other users. Each user would have a unique experience with that switch. The only problem is that only the signed in user can see their own checked values. However, the bonus is that we could avoid creating 60 boolean columns in the user table.

Each check mark is custom to the user. Some will compete Certain days, others will not.

No problem! Thank you for helping!

Each user should see their own checkmarks personalized to them :slight_smile:

Thoughts? How do I accomplish this?

So as I’m understanding it then, nobody else needs to see what a user checked or didn’t check. Only the signed in user needs to see what they did. In that case I would go with what I mentioned above. Get rid of the table that has user emails and a column for each day. Instead add a user specific column to your Days table and point the switch component on the Day detail screen to that user specific column. Then the switch value will be unique to each user.