App Sync with all users

Hi! First of all i’m sorry for my terrible english. I have some problem with my app. I did a checklist app for my lessons and share it with my classmates. But if x person check y lesson, y lesson seems checked to all users. Could ı explain the situation? Please help me! This is my first app :slight_smile:
PS: I changed it to LİST

Hello @Erenomer09,

There are different ways to achieve what you want.

An idea is to have “student” sign in to your app and in each lesson, have a submission button. Once the user tap it, it will change to “you have submitted this lesson”

To do this, you need to:

  1. Create a user tab where you collect users’ email address, name, etc
  2. Activate the user profile in Glide. (First, you have to go to settings>Privacy>Public with email. Then, you have to click in the hamburger menu on the upper left corner of the app, click on the email/sign in and on the right you need to select the profile sheet that you created before.)
  3. On the Glide Data Editor, go to your “lessons” tab and create a new ”Column Template” type the letter E, then substitute that E for the user>email. That will give you the current user.
  4. In your google sheets or GDE create a submission tab/sheet that collects the email address of the user, also the name and other info from the lesson.
  5. On your lesson tab create a relation that takes the current user email and matches the the email from the submission tab.
  6. Back on your app, on the detail view of the lesson create a button with the add row action. The sheet to be selected is the submission one. Have that action to add the current user email, and any other info from the lesson.
  7. On the visibility condition of such button make it visible wen that relation is empty.
  8. Create another button with action reshuffle when the visibility condition the relation is not empty.

You can also create a compound action to just have one button do the previous.

Edit: Here’s an example with the compound actions

I hope this works for your case.


If you don’t need to see what the other classmates have checked in the checklist, then you can create a user specific column to hold the value from the checkbox. This will require a Public with Email sign in to work properly. The checkbox will be unique to each user.