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Hello Guys,

I am looking for a workaround in order to keep my app as public, and still filter some elements per user. Well, users obviously don’t sign in with e-mail, but there is a form they submit with some data e.g. username.

I’m trying to use conditional visibility to allow them to see, only what’s related to them. Is it feasible?

Thanks a lot!

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Did you get your questions answered in these other threads? The new User Specific columns will only work for a user until they close the app at the moment. Sounds like Glide plans to make it possible for public apps to retain values in the future. For right now, I can’t think of a good way to link a user to specific data without being a signed in user. Even though they can submit a username in a form, there is nothing to identify which device or actual user submitted that form.

Hello Jeff, thanks for your answer.

The answers in those topics have been very helpful.

I had similar thoughts on why this is not possible for now. Thanks for checking in, I will follow up the next features and see how I can use them.

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So would you be so kind to tell me, how to differentate users’ answers if they log in with their e-mail?
I’d like to make an app for the parents in the school to track the lessons on google drive (Classroom is not an option) and I want them to log in the app and want them to mark the already done lessons and new lessons. I can figure the method out if you could show me a similar Template.
I’m a total newbie here, but I’ve made this little app:

  • Incoming datas are common and collected in a sheet from Google Forms into rows
  • User log in with e-mail and marks finished lessons and
  • Send the answers to the teacher specified by GoogleSheet data depending on the Subject

Could you help me? Thank you very much!

@MarkZ Is there any particular reason you are using google forms instead of a form within the app? I suppose you can use the google form to capture data, including user email, but there is no guarantee that they will log into the app with the same email. If you use a form within the app, then you can attach the signed in user’s email with the form.

Is there a lesson row created in the sheet for each user? You can filter by signed in user so they only see their own records where the signed in user matches the email in the row.

You can create a separate app for the teacher to view everything or you can use the same app and give the teacher authority to view all student records.

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Dear Jeff, first of all, thank you your quick and helpful response!
My apology, I forgot to mention that for now the sheet contanis columns for each student. So the lesson comes in (from the GForm) with a new line and there are 16 columns for each student with a checkmark.
Here is a screencap. Blue is for lessons, green is for students.

Of course I can rearrange the logic to follow the opportunities in Glide if I have to.

So I’d like to Filter users by columns since I would like them to check their finished lessons. As you can see, for now they can see each others process, it would be fair to let them see only theirs by the Lesson. I think I miss a logical step.

Glide Forms. Thank you, yes, I do want to do it but I have to keep in mind that the teachers are got used to the Google Forms and they have to upload documents, pictures and so on (and they still have to learn how to use the Google Drive and system). So this could be a second step.

And Ohh, I’m a free user!

…Somehow an “Is Favorite?” Column appeared… And… “Column is user specific…” at the boolean… And other features appearing… Guys… Are you just refreshing your Glide right now?
I am stunned. This is my first experience of such a support! It simply works. So great, thank you from my heart!!!

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Was the tracking of favorites just released and I missed it?!

No…guess not. Got my hopes up for a minute lol

:smiley: No. I just talked to myself. I tracked back. I’ve set a Favorite function as it is a User Dependent key, and that opens up a new column in the database, and according ti that I’ve made a new column with booleans and saw the User Dependent option. That’s what I need! It works as a charm!

@MarkZ are you still looking for a solution or are you using the user specific columns now?

Dear Jeff, yes, I do.
I’m waiting for the other parents to give a feedback of my little app. It’s live for about four days now but just one response arrived staring that they rather use the source sheet than the app… :frowning:
But what I wanted to achieve works like a charm, thank you!

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