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Hello everyone, how can I make a likes counter to see how many people liked your post

A like / dislike counter is available, but at the moment, it can’t serve to accumulate votes. Should be possible to use it for this purpose soon, it will work the same way that favorites (provide an email address first if app is using public mode)

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There’s a component for that.

Designate a column for counting likes and bind a like component to that column.

User Specific columns are available now. You need to create a new column in the data tab and select ‘user specific’. This will store likes for each user individually in one cell. I’m not quite clear yet how it all works (still playing with it) and I’m having some issues with it at the moment that I reported, but it’s my understanding that you will be able to apply a Rollup column to it to count the total from all users. I believe it’s supposed to work with public apps too.

A tutorial video will be available in a couple of weeks.

Or @Robert_Petitto will go ahead and create his own!

User Specific Columns + User Profiles Demo

You know me! :grin:

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Ok, @Mark just clarified for me that user specific columns will only store the value indefinitely if you have email sign in enabled in the app.

It’s my understanding that they currently will work for public apps, but only until you close it. At least in this case it would be good for temporary values, like custom filters, or calculators, where you don’t need to store the value after you close the app.

Still not sure yet if we can count total likes from all users. I’ll need to test that yet.

Yes @Jeff_Hager, it’s also my understanding. But yes, user specific value will be also useful for public app, to select display format of an inline list, or stuff like that in terms of UI. We should probably distinguish “user specific” values linked to authenticated users, and “session specific” values linked to a run of the app, public or not.

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It’s our plan to make user-specific values persistent for anonymous users by storing them on their device.


Would be interesting to know what would happen to the the user-specific values stored on the users device when:

  • app is closed
  • app is deleted
  • app is found multiple times on the phone

Would be nice to be in control of the users personal data :slight_smile:

Could favorites be stored in the same way?

I believe Favorites will be stored the same way, yes.


Does anyone have an example of how to use the Rollup column to display the number of unique “Favorites” an item has gotten? I’ve tried it with my app but the Rollup results are not coming out accurate. (or is there a better solution to this?)

I have an Events tab in my spreadsheet and “Is Favourited” is an automatically generated column. I created a Rollup Column to count Unique “Is Favourited” for each event, but it returns the same count for every event.

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This functionality will be available one we can do Rollup over user specific columns. Not possible yet.

Thanks for that. Is it on the roadmap? If so, ETA on the release?

It is on the roadmap…Not sure about ETA…@mark?

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We generally don’t give ETAs unless a feature is just around the corner. This one isn’t.


ok, all good, thanks!

How do you create a USER SPECIFIC column , I need for each signed up user to be able to click LIKE or DISLIKE and ITEM … How do i to this ?