How do I put likes

I have put likes, but if a user likes it, it comes out as if all the others will also like, so it does not add more than 1 like, I do not know what to do so that everyone can put like

We need user-specific rollups for that one :sob:

user-specific rollups? :c

Well, technically you can do it without user-specific rollups, but then you can’t show the number of likes. which sucks. :expressionless:

Then it does not accumulate the likes or it cannot show the number of accumulated likes?: c

(Sorry for so many questions, I’m new to glide:’) )

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I think this “like” thing is possible with the new compound action, isn’t it?

Increment the like column by 1 (normal column that store the total likes).

Increment the user-specific like by 1 if the like is not already 1, else increment by -1 to unlike.


Nope. Not with the like component. You can’t set an action with the like component. You COULD do that with a button however.

Why can’t they give us user-specific rollups already :sob:

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You could put the like inside of a form and then do the rollup. Not the cleanest option, though.


Will work with image or regular button