Did anyone found a soultion for the Like button ๐Ÿ‘?

Hello everyone,

How can I make a likes counter to see how many people liked your post?

Have a button that increments a value using the Increment action for the button. Display this value using a Text component which is linked to this column value.
You may also use the Template column and create a new value 6 likes, where 6 is the value in the column incremented and likes is text added to it. Then display this below the post.

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Add two number columns, one should be user-specific (has user liked?) and the other shouldnโ€™t (total likes).

Make it so that clicking a button will increment both columns, but the button will only be visible if the user-specific column is not โ€˜1โ€™. This adds the โ€˜likeโ€™ functionality

Add another button, that will only be visible when the user-specific column is not 1, that will increment both columns by -1. This will add the โ€˜dislikeโ€™ functionality.

If you want, I could create a sample app.


Yeah, that is ok but I want to use the actual button of like and not something else


I want to use the actual button of like and not something else.


Iโ€™m sorry, I do not understand. Are you speaking about the like component?

The like component doesnโ€™t work like what Pablo suggests. I always use the way Pablo does instead of the native component though.


@Manan_Mehta has the answer to your prayers! Iโ€™m gonna save his post cus is the second time I answer the same on his name :wink:. If I find the post Iโ€™ll add it here
Here it is: Rollup Likes


I think this is somewhat similar to my โ€œVoting Cats Demoโ€
Each user gets one vote per cat (thumbs up or thumbs down), and a total number of votes for each cat is shown.


That is what I did, but that one is the easy way. I want the actual component of the likesโ€ฆ

LOL Iโ€™m about to give up

Would this be what you want?

When you click on the Like emoji, the text changes to Liked. The color of the Like icon, can also be changed by using a colour emoji for the Like emoji. I have used the Action text component. When it is clicked, a column Likes is incremented, and another action text is made visible, by having the visibility condition to be that Likes is 1. When it is clicked again, Likes is decremented by 1, so it goes back to the other emoji and text title changes to Like.

There is an arrow as well as a number icon coming to the right of this, I am not sure why it appears, maybe there is a way of removing it.

No, sorry not execlyโ€ฆ

Thanks @PabloMFalero
Same concept as my previous video with an improved UI
If this helps.
Also thereโ€™s no way to do it with the Like button inside Glide.


Iโ€™m not sure :thinking: if I would call it a solution as such but I have found a way round the ratings conundrum.

I have just finished building an app that required search by โ€œtop rated lawyerโ€. I wasnโ€™t too keen on the form solution. Mine meets @Darren_Murphy and @Manan_Mehta midway - a kill two birds with one stone sort of approach.

  1. I use a user specific like component to get the rating started.
  2. When a user clicks like it is recorded as 1. This then opens a plus minus bar. The total value they hold is 4.
  3. The user specific 1 plus 4 count ( =5 )as one :star: star.
  4. I donโ€™t use an average rating system. Instead 25 likes (which is 5 people and 25 stars) equals 5 stars :star:. 5 stars means the lawyer is top rated until someone decides to click dislike.

Here is the catch

I use the user specific count of 1 and sheet count of 4 to get 5 using the math column. So Iโ€™m guessing it is possible.

Iโ€™ll be showcasing the app in the next few days. Iโ€™ll add more flesh to the bone :meat_on_bone: shortly. Iโ€™ll also revisit the editor to see if and how I can subtract the 5 user specific likes to show โ€œ5 viewsโ€!!!


Glideapps has a like button component. I guess, that is exactly what you want.

Just click on + sign to add a component and you will see a Like button. Heres a screenshot.

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