"Like" component not working

“Like” component not working…
How do you do it, when other users like posts from other users, and when users click the “like” component the number of likes will increase…

notes :
I’ve added “column is user specific”

I hardly ever use the like component. What you can do is create a custom action in a button to take care of this.

Have a user-specific like count column and a global count column.

When user presses a like button:

  • Increment user-specific like count by 1
  • Increment global count by 1

Display the global count, hide the button if user-specific like count equals 1 (to prevent spamming likes).


thanks for your response…
Can you provide an example in the form of a screenshot?

Where do you get stuck? I don’t have an example ready, just follow my response above and tell me if you need any further clarification.

I don’t have an idea what you mean, how do I add…?

  • Increment user-specific like count by 1
  • Increment global count by 1

there are already 5 users who pressed the “like” button
but the data does not increase…

Because you’re increasing it on a user-specific column, it will be specific to the signed-in user only.

When I say user-specific like count, I mean the column you’re already having. This will act as the flag to know whether the user has pushed the like button or not.

When I say global count, I mean a normal column without that user-specific settings so you can display that to all users.

Thank you for guiding me…

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