I dont know how to put likes

How do I put likes, but the user only can put one

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The logic is similar to this:

except that the action runs on button press once they’re already on the screen instead of the action being on the inline list as they enter the screen.

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It dont worked :c

Can you explain more on what doesn’t work so we can help?

I dont know why it doesn’t work, if I am one of the users and I give him like, it counts as if I have given him like also with the others. So, I can’t make it so that you can only give him a like without it also counting as the rest have given him a like (I know I’m not explaining myself well).

Sounds like you’re not writing the “like” to a User Specific Column.

A couple of screen shots that show how you have it set up would be useful, otherwise we’re just making wild guesses trying to help you.

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try this app copy it and see how it iso.
it’s from @sardamit

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