I made it! But... how to separate public users?

Thanks for all your posts! Thanks to them, finally, after one month of playing with millions of no-code tools, I made my Tool Selector! I’m proud of myself and deeply fell in love with Glide…

Take a look: Expanders Selector

BUT!!! … happens!
I build all filters on the table, like on all FANTASTIC tutorials from @Robert_Petitto, and… When I change filters on my phone, they change on my computer! It means that future users will disturb each other. It can’t be like this :smiley:

This is probably because of using the same table, and I know: I can avoid this with logins, but it’s not a goal…

How do I make my app truly PUBLIC?!?

You need to use User Specific Columns for your filters. In that way every user will have their own filters.

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App is looking great :star_struck:

To make the app “truly public” you want to use user specific columns. For example your expander ref number should be written to a user specific column. Go into the data editor and create a new column to hold the expander ref number but this time check user specific when creating it.

You have to create new columns for all inputs because you can’t change a basic column to user specific once it’s been established.


Thanks to all! The funny thing is that I turn off all user-specific checkboxes - because I thought if there are no users then… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Now works! And now is the time for step two: building THE WIZARD :mage:

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