Check-boxes per user

Hello Team.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I am developing an app that requires sign-in to access it, and then the users would use various check-boxes to mark when tasks are complete.

Is there an elegant way to develop this?

I have developed multiple relations to achieve it, but I feel like there should be a very easy way to be done.

Are these tasks that are the same for all users, or does each user create their own tasks? How do you have it set up right now? I’d hate to think about and suggest something you have already done.

Jeff thanks for your response.

So, there are common tasks for every user. They mark a task as completed or not, and receive related badges.

So far, we extract the users from the login sheet to a sheet with all their check-boxes. Each user is row owner, and has e.g. 80 check-boxes. We then have 80 more cells with simple text (the tasks’ names) to indicate that the task is available for the user. Now, we use one separate relation per task to correlate tasks (on the tasks’ sheet) with tasks (on the users line), retrieve the check-boxes and filter per signed-in user.

Thanks for your willingness to help.

We just released a new feature today that makes this easy. You’ll add a Basic > Boolean column in the data editor and check Column is user specific


Here’s the demo:

Created the Checkbox column from within Glide and marked it as “User Specific”. Then created the rollups/math/template as normal.

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@david So glad to see this feature released! I was playing with this briefly earlier with the like button and a couple of choice components. Seemed to work great in the builder. I was able to leave and come back and refresh and everything stuck. I tried the same app on my phone within the browser and every time I refreshed the screen, it lost everything. So I added the app to my homescreen and same thing. Works fine until I force close the app and reopen it. Then everything I set previously is lost. I’ll PM you the link.

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Let’s show it to @Mark — he knows the feature top to bottom.

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Is there an official announcement somewhere? :slight_smile: I would love to subscribe on that thread!

Great feature David. Will check it soon!

Usually things are announced on Twitter

Or just wait for @erwblo to find it first and he will tell the rest of us. :wink:


If people find that valuable I will keep on doing it :wink:


I don’t look at Twitter often, so I appreciate it!