Help a Newbie with a Habit Tracker

Hello friends,

New to Glide (and no-code)…

Trying to build a habit tracker for multiple users. I was thinking I could use the checkbox feature for someone to say which habits from a master list they wish to add to their daily practice then when checking the box it would result in a TRUE on the spreadsheet and then when someone wants to look at only their selected habits i can filter the view to just TRUE. But this doesnt seem to work when multiple people use the app. Is there a better way to “pass through” each persons choice of habits so that I can get a unique key? Many many more questions but ill start here since this is the basis of the app.


Hi Kevyn,

Let me try this case on my test app and come back with a video on how you can do it.

Hi Kevyn, here’s how it works.


First off, I have a table with habits, image and descriptions.

Then, go to the Glide editor, add a “Check” column, set it to user-specific and enable the row ID option.

Then, in my “User Profile” tab, I display an inline list, with the “Check” filter set to TRUE.

If you have any further questions feel free to comment here or send me a personal message.

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Hi @ThinhDinh, I had (almost*) the same question, so your answer it’s just great!

My app is for children who are quite alone to do their work in this period: a part of the app helps them to plan their daily OR weekly ‘to-do’ with their parents:

  • each day or week (this is the main difference with Kevyn app)
  • they select the list of topics to work upon, among a standard list of 30 items (as Kevyn)
  • and can add specific ones via text entry if the ‘standard list’ does not cover everything.

Then they see their ‘to do’ and once done, they tick it (this will send a message to the parent).

I am struggling with combining:

  • calendar
  • checklist
  • ticks…

Would you have any clue?


Hi, I have sent you a personal message to organize a TeamViewer session on this. Please check and reply to it. Thanks a lot.

Hey guys!
How do you guys make checkboxes for habits that need to reappear every day or every so and so?

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