Need help to make a user-specific Checklist Filter

Hello all. I’m trying to make my own set of in-app filters on a list, since Glide doesn’t seem to have the capability. (And NO in-app filters for an inline list component?)

Well, I’ve achieved quite easily in another test (seen here: ).
But now, I want to make it user-specific, so users aren’t affecting each others’ checkboxes. However, in my understanding, user-specific columns won’t show up in Google Sheets, and so my Sheets formulas won’t be able to do anything.

So my question: Using Glide, how do I make a single checkbox affect a column of cells? (See formula in column D of example sheet, which looks to the checkbox in column C.)

I’ve come across three problems, trying to figure this out:

  1. Glide has IF statements, but no AND statements that I’ve found.

  2. IF statements, relations, etc. are only capable of looking within the same row? You can’t “target” a cell/checkbox/etc for your logic expression’s condition, as you can in Sheets?

  3. Checkboxes & Switches have no “Action” features associated with them, and have no way to affect more than a single cell, which feels very incompatible with the seemingly-limited logic functions of Glide, if my above problems are true.

One last thing: I’ve heard something about using another sheet with login e-mails in it in order to affect user-specific data within sheets. I’d like my app to not require a login for two reasons: simplicity of starting up the app, and so that checkboxes will reset to default on startup (it seems to work).

Inline list can bring data from any source, so it might be confusing if you use many inline lists in one page, then have an in-app filter on the top and it only filters one of those inline lists, that’s my understanding.

Is there a reason you can’t just have a tab sourcing all values of game categories, then let users filter by new or not?

If you still want an inline list in a details view, you can make a choice component write to a user-specific column, then filter the list by that value.

They do support AND in the conditions in the right hand side menu, just not AND + OR at the same time but you can make supporting columns in the editor for that.

Thanks for the reply, but I figured out an hours-long workaround for not being able to write a few simple IF(AND()), and IF(VLOOKUP()) statements. (Or native support for multiple in-app filters, which would have been much better.)
I used Single Value columns (called “ValX#” columns) to reference each checkbox option (from the “InputX” column), then an If>Then>Else columns (“LabelX#” column) to first convert “true/false” into conditional “name values” of the corresponding checkbox, and then another If>Then>Else column (“OutputX#” column) to match the “Category”, column to the “LabelX#” column, generating a new true/false value depending on “Category’s” values. Then I just set a ton of Glide filters on the list matched to “OutputX#” column true/false data, in order to filter the right categories through.

And when I said “hours-long workaround”, once I figured out how to do it, I think it took around 2 hours to get done. I had to manually make 3 columns for every checkbox, which ended up being around 54 extra columns, I think, with 18 filters attached to each “Output” as well?

Now I just need to figure out how to set certain checkboxes to default “true” when the app is opened (or with a button/switch), and I think I’ll be done…

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That sounds like a lot of work. Can you describe exactly what you want to do in your app, from a user standpoint?

It was. I’m nearly done with it though, since it’s relatively simple. It’s a list of my (and my friends’, if they’re interested) board games, so it’s easier to see what everyone has when planning game nights. On the second tab, there’s also a more comprehensive sort/filter, as well as a randomizer. However, the trouble comes in the form of wanting user-specific input, so as not to mess with each others’ input, and to reset input to default values when the app is closed.

All of that works, so far, though more complicated to do it when user-specific, but it’s done. Now, I just need to figure out how to make checkboxes default to “True” on app startup, and probably a “select/deselect all” button, and it’ll be fully as I envisioned it.

Edit: Instead of trying to default checkboxes to “True”, I instead made a note for users to check boxes in order to exclude items.