User-specific check boxes for their interests

Hi everyone! I am pretty new to glide so my apologies if this question has a very obvious answer.

I am making a Yoga/Meditation application. In the user profile section of my application, I would like to have a “interests and goals” section where each user can check or uncheck boxes that correlate to their interests and goals. For example, in the yoga section, they can check or uncheck any boxes from a list of goals like Strength, Flexibility, Focus, etc. Then, based on what they checked the app will filter which videos they see. Does anyone have any ideas on a simple way to do this?


It sounds like you could create a choice component that displays all the goals. Assign this to a column in the user profile table and allow for multiple selections. This should give you a comma-separated list of all the goals that a user selects. Note: the screen where this selection is occurring should be filtered by signed-in user — if it’s just on the main user profile screen, then this should already be the case.

On your other screen, create a list that uses the Goals sheet/table as its source. Apply a filter to this list that checks if the Goal is included in this list of goals that the user selected.


This is why I love the new multiple-choice so much. It makes life much much easier for these kinds of use cases. I will also use it for custom, multiple filtering.


This is awesome! Working like a charm. Additionally, would you happen to have any ideas on how I can make the data taken with this choice option correlate with an inline list? I made a little video here to help

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

The best way to set up filtering like this is by using the User Profile table for storing these choices per user. The User Profile table can be called from my everywhere and can then be used for this sort of filtering that you’re looking for.