Filter list based on user criteria

Hello all ! Maybe this question has been already replied, but I did’nt found the answer :confused:

I’ve a list of profile, with details such as city, age, gender…

I would like to display a list of users, and people can filter this list by choosing age, city, gender…

Hope someone could help !

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You’d need to use screen filtering. I’ll create a tutorial on this today. It’s something I’ve wanted to do anyway.


You know what is funny ? Before posting here, I first searched among your videos on Youtube… I searched how to contact you on your youtube channel but didn’t found :smile: #Karma

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Looks like you’ve seen this already, so just adding the link to the video here for reference.


yes thanks ! I should share the video here, will think about it next time !


Hello @Robert_Petitto :slight_smile: This worked great !for age and gender. I also would like to filter with datas from another tab in the sheet. Let say (with your exemple) that I have another tab in my sheet called “Hobbies” with Hobby 1, Hobby 2 etc columns and a column for some students that are listed in your Student tab in the sheet. How filter by those hobbies ? It’s a little bit tricky and I can’t find how to do it.

So you want the list to be filtered by a user preference “hobbies” that is selected in a different tab? Will it always be filtered then or is the user able to choose from their selected hobbies?

the user should be able to filter the Student list with one choice for Age AND one choice for Hobby to retrieve students that are 14 and play Football by example.

Gotcha. So you’ll need an in between column. A multiple relation column that relates the hobby single value column to the hobby array column in the student profile tab. then, in your if then else, include “if (hobby multiple relation) is empty, then (nothing)”

That’s where I’m stuck, Create an array column in the Student profile tab listing all the values from Hobby 1, Hobby 2, hobby 3 etc from the Hobby tab sheet… I don’t find how to do it :confused: The only way I found is to create an array colum within Google Sheet by using an Arrayformula and then push this column in the student profile tab sheet. But I’m not sure this is the good way. Or the cleanest !

Maybe I need to create one relation column for each Hobby in the Student profile tab that’s create an array column ? I’m loosing myself

I found what was my problem : My student relation column in the student tab wad “match multiple” so I was no able to do a lookup on the array column in the hobby tab. yay! thank you !

As we say in France “Ca marche Capitaine !”