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I have 2 product sheets (1 for each manufacturer) with 2 inline list components sourcing data from each respectively. It was easier from a backend management perspective to do it this way.

As per pic I would like to use a choice component to filter the lists eg if I choose one manufacturer then only that list will be visible. I understand how to do it with a single sheet but I’m not sure how to do it with multiple sheets.

Has anybody done this and if so can you point me to a resource or give me some guidance as to how to do it?

Thanks in advance



Is there a reason why all product items are not in one single sheet?

You could you use a 1-row helper table with user-specific columns to store the choice selected in the choice component and display one collection or the other with visibility conditions. But really, back to the original question: why not store all the products in one single table and then use an in-app filter?

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Hi and thanks for your reply. I used 2 sheets so far (More to be added) as it was far easier from a data management perspective. Each manufacturer has completely different specs with different options and gets updated periodically. It was easier to maintain it separately.

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As Nathanael suggested, you should be able to use your choice component to drive opposite visibility conditions on the two collections.

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Hi and thanks for your reply.
As advised what I did was

  1. Created a sheet for the choice text and within the choice column I wrote the choices. In my case manufacturers names.
  2. Created a column called (In my case) manufacturer in the users table to write the chosen name to. I set it as user-specific column so it acts independently of each user.
  3. Within the app I used a choice component. The choice component writes to the new column in the users table (manufacturer) and picks from the choices (manufacturers) in the new sheet.

Because I have 1 sheet per manufacturer I also have multiple list components which each pulls data from their corresponding manufacturer sheet.

  1. I then set a visibility condition in each list component. The visibility condition in my case is:
    Show component when UserProfile>Manufacturer>includes> Manufacturer Name.Do step 4 for each inline list.

Set the choice component to dropdown, chip or radio button. Whatever you prefer. Select the choice and boom. It works…at least for this use case.
Thank you all for your advice. Hopefully the above explanation can help someone else


The way you did it is exactly what Darren and I were suggesting, so good job with the implementation.

If you want to update your post, in step 2, the Manufacturers column in the Users table can be user-specific. If the column is user-specific, the filter will also be user-specific. If the column is global, then the filter will be global (the same for all users).

Thank you. Updated

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