Choice component set up for in-line list

Hello gliders,
I am trying to set up a choice component to filter an in-line list. I have one sheet with the list of options. And another sheet where I would like the user choice to be recorded. The thing is, with choice component, the user choice get recorded by default into the main details sheet. How do I then feed the user choice data back into the user choice sheet?

If I’m understanding correctly, add a column for the player’s filter choice. Sounds like you have a column with the options that the user can choose. Have the choice directed to a separate column for the player’s selection. Then add filters into the inline list based on what choice they selected.

To achieve what you say, I would imagine that you can point that specific tab to the sheet where you want the user choice to be stored, then create a column that will store the choice.

If you need to view all choices from different users at the same time, then I think filtering the tab by email is signed-in user would work if it’s your user profiles sheet you’re pointing to and every one has a row assigned to them. Otherwise you can use a user-specific column.

Then just add the inline list that reads the data from another sheet and filter by that choice.