Filter inline list by choice w/o logged in user

Hello! Is there a way to filter an inline list by the choice component without having to have a user login.

I watched the ‘Glide: Filter an Inline List with Choice Components’ video but it seems there has to be a logged in user. My app is free to the public and users would not have to login. Is there still a way to use the choice component so they can filter the inline list?

For reasons, such as this, I don’t use the User table as the source for the screen that contains the filter. Instead I create a separate working table with user specific column to hold the choice value. Then it doesn’t matter if a user is signed in or not.

So the user would be able to select the choice w/o affecting someone else’s screen?

Correct. The only thing is that the values in user specific columns are only persistent for the duration of the user’s session if they are not signed in. Those values will be cleared out once the user closes the app. If they were signed in, then the values would be saved.

Thank You. I’ll give it a shot.

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