Filter inline-list for internal app email whitelist

I have a placeholder screen with an inline-list component of Orders amongst others, the following filters are applied to the list.

A user can be a venue manager of multiple Venues and I’m trying to use a Choice component to filter Orders by Venue using the choice component.

Since this is an internal app I can’t set the choice component value to a User-specific column to be able to use as a filter.

Is there another way to apply the required filter?


I assume the choices of the choice component is a list of venue managers, is that correct? What is not working with the filter you now have?

Hi @George_B

The choice component is a list of Restaurants (a user can manage/own more than one Restaurant).

The current filter is displaying ALL orders, I want to be able to switch between Restaurants and filter only the orders for the chosen Restaurant.

I currently can’t use user-specific values since this is an Email whitelist internal app.

User specific columns are available for any app irregardless of the privacy setting or the fact that it’s internal or external.

What I would do it set your choice component to fill a user specific column in your placeholder sheet. Then use that value for a relation column to your orders sheet. Use the relation for your inline list and that should be all you need.