Connect Choice Components to In-Line Lists

I’m a bit stuck here.

So I’m trying to link my choice components to separate inline lists.
Please see the front end attached below along with the settings for choice components, inline lists, and the user-specific columns data sheet. These columns are in the same sheet with the source data. This is also a public no login app.

If someone were to check off Yes for Black-Owned Businesses and Selling alcohol, all the black-owned businesses that sell alcohol would populate below.
If someone typed in west Harlem for neighborhood and Yes outdoor seating, all the business with outdoor seating located in West Harlem would populate.

Right now when I click yes for any of the choice components its populates one business, the top row.

I also haven’t figured out how to filter the inline list for neighborhood. Or is one not needed since it’s hooked up to a search bar.

Thank you!

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Ok so Im thinking I have to create user-specific columns and relations columns for each choice component.

In my data editor, I have user-specific columns for:
Neighborhood as Rich text
Black-Owned, Outdoor Seating and Selling Alcohol as Boolean

I then created Relation Columns for each where the values in the user-specific columns matches the value of the columns with the original data.

I then have the choice components ‘data’ drop-down set to each of their corresponding user-specific columns.

Now I’m stuck at Inline lists as what to set the filter and visibility to. I entered Yes for both and it doesn’t work as it should.

@Jen_NYCP Do you mind providing a sample? When you share app just tick the option to allow copy of google sheet. Making calculation to visual ho it can be done :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hi! I’m not ready to share app and google sheet has info I do not want to share as well :frowning:

@Jen_NYCP You don’t need to share your entire app… Create a copy of your app… And enter dummy data. You can remove other tabs or feature you are not related to this.

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@Jen_NYCP Check this example i created. You can copy the sample along with sheet and check the implementation. I had just Text instead of Boolean and in filter condition used contains to check a match. Let me know if you have any difficult in understanding this.


Thank you so much! I am working through it, How did you select a different sheet for ‘data’ under the choice components? It only shows me the same sheet columns as the source.

Also my original source columns contain Yes or No, or it’s just blank, so for inline lists should I have it as ‘Black-Owned CONTAINS Yes’ Since just containing any text won’t work in this case, since I wouldn’t want the NO rows to show up as well.

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I set it up just as in the example…still not working. :cry:

Only difference is I have my user specific columns on the same sheet as the source data because columns on another sheet were not populating for me to choose from when setting up the inline lists contains “X” and choice components “Data” drop down.

@Jen_NYCP don’t worry… This can be sorted out. For populating from different sheet. I set the Tab Source sheet to that. If you click tab and source sheet of particular tab you will know it.

Let me check working to take input from same sheet. Also regarding the neighborhood choice, what or how you are choosing it? What is your requirement for that?

This is how I have things set up.

Neighborhoods is coming from a list of 300 neighborhoods.

@Jen_NYCP Here is a walkthrough of what i have done.

Thank you for this! I changed the tab to point to the user specific sheet.
Only design shows up for style, all the others are missing.

I add a choice component, nothing happens. :frowning:

I too got this issue once or twice… Try to change the sheet in tab back and forth and this may fix this. No idea why it happened. May be try adding a InlineList First.

Yes it must be bug, I went back and forth a few times, nothing. Also a newly added tab will not show up as a source. Something wrong there. Let’s see if they fix it ASAP. Thanks!

OK that problem is fixed! :slight_smile:
Nothing is populating still however. I have it set up just like yours. I hit refresh sheet, closed and opened the app again…nothing. scratches head

I’ll give in, can I share this with you privately?

Sure. DM me.

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@ThinhDinh @Jeff_Hager

I am helping Jen with something. We are using multiple Choice component to filter results. The Choice component doesn’t work until we have at-least changed values of each choice component. So if you go to Second tab in below app, no result will be visible. If you update selling alcohol nothing happens but when you have selected something in each choice results start appearing. Same issue i was facing in my app but then i left that feature. Can you help us here.

Honestly, I’m surprised that it works as well as it does. I’m trying to understand how selecting blank will will still allow Black Owned businesses to show since blank and ‘Y’ do not match. My best guess right now is that somehow when you first come in the choice components are maybe storing a null value instead of *Blank or ‘Y’. I think it’s sort of working as well as not working due to this quirk. This would maybe be better off as a series of checkboxes or switches which store a true/false/ value, but I think you are still going to run into issues.

I had suggested in a different thread to refer to the Multi-Match Filter in I honestly think it’s a much better approach and will allow businesses, just as Black Owned to show if the user selected Black Owned, or did not. In that method it pulls in all of the selections into the business listing sheet and then through a series of If/Then columns if determines if the row item should be displayed. It accounts for users making specific selections as well as leaving that selection unselected.

I personally don’t think your current method is going to work correctly. We could maybe fix your issue of no selection currently being made, but it would possibly break the functionality of selecting ‘-’ blank. I don’t think the conditions in filtering are as capable as if/then columns are.


I will take a look at it again, I wasn’t sure what some columns and settings meant, but I know a little more now. Thanks!

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